Navigate Sales Roadblocks with Emissary

Emissary advisors are former executives from your sales targets.
They use an insider‘s understanding of your target‘s purchasing power to help you address objections and close a deal.

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How it Works


Set your targets

Provide us with a list of the prospects, people or companies where an advisor’s insight would be impactful toward meeting your goals.


We match advisors

We match your target list with advisors from our community of executives who fit your criteria. Clients are then given the opportunity to select which advisors they would like to work with.



We set up engagements between you and your selected advisors who provide insight to help you reach your goals.

Use Cases

There are dozens of ways teams use advisors from product development to strategy.
Here are some we find most common.

By Role
By Industry

Sales Development

Have a deep understanding of the goals of an organization, who within the organization will care, and the type of pitches necessary in order to position yourself to win the deal.

Sales Team Manager

Maintain quality results across the board by pairing advisors with members of your team to boost everyone's productivity.

Marketing SaaS

Work with a former head of marketing to understand a prospect's existing growth tactics, their current solutions, the team's overall marketing capabilities and how your product will amplify them.

Data Analytics

Speak with drivers of product and revenue to learn more about a prospect’s product vision in order to more effectively suggest insights to improve company KPIs to decision makers.


Connect with a former department leader who can walk you through the RFP process, how to build chemistry with a client, and what it takes to close a deal.


Learn the process behind product development in order to effectively pitch engineering teams on how you will effectively help them plan, build and run better services.

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