Every Sales Journey Needs an Emissary


  • Former Director, Product Management Omnicom Media Group
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Your Sales Opportunity

An Emissary is an executive who worked at the company you’re selling into.

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Marketing & Advertising


  • Former Director, Corporate Digital Marketing & Media, Estee Lauder
Emissary Heather

As a digital marketer, my career has changed as digital has evolved. Most of what I do is new to a lot of people and I just happen to have a decade of experience to build on.

We make high-performance sales teams operate better. These are some of our clients.

  • Blueprint provides a software solution to help large organizations build better business applications.
  • Reltio delivers reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions so you can be right faster.
  • Chartbeat measures and monetizes attention for publishers, brands, and agencies.
  • Livestream is the easiest way to broadcast your event live.
  • Let Dstillery Find Your Next Customers.

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Our clients close opportunities faster


The person you’re talking to won’t be able to help you, they’re not in the right department.

Professional Services

Former Technology Procurement Specialist

Multinational Professional Services Firm

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Your main contact is retiring soon, he’s not motivated to move the deal forward. You have to find someone else to be your champion.

Marketing & Advertising

Former Editor

Publishing Company

Emissary Illustration


Your pitch is referencing the old CEO's strategy, if the new guy sees this he’s not going to like it at all. He loves cool sounding tech stuff, and he’s not afraid of implementation details.

Marketing & Advertising

Former CMO

Global Consumer Packaged Goods Brand

Emissary Illustration

Negotiation + Procurement

Given their tendency to select vendors solely based on price, the sell will be difficult. To get beyond the pricing obstacle, pitch your value add.

Enterprise Software

Former VP Product Management

Stock Exchange

Emissary Illustration

The Sale

I was thinking about you guys today and wondering if you had heard yet. I am so happy could be of assistance. Best of luck and I know you are the right choice.

Marketing & Advertising

Former CMO

Online Gaming Company

Emissary Illustration

There is an Emissary for every opportunity

Our community of Emissaries represents over 90% of total global marketing spend. Odds are we have an Emissary from companies you are selling into.

3,000+Brands represented

100%Senior level

100%Recent experience with the company

There’s a shortfall in enterprise sales acumen, and it keeps businesses dependent on traditional top-down approaches. There are creative, alternative methods to leadership, people, processes, culture and strategy that can super-charge sales.

Marketing & Advertising


  • Former VP Samsung Electronics

As a Verizon shareholder and someone with a lot of friends at the company, I want Verizon to have the best of the best in the way of partners.

Marketing & Advertising


  • Former Director Digital Marketing Verizon Communications

Starting your sales journey with an Emissary is easy

  • Identify

    We work with you to identify high-value opportunities where our Emissaries can help accelerate your sales process.

  • Select

    We recommend Emissaries with relevant experience and knowledge to work directly with your individual sales reps.

  • Assign

    Once an Emissary is assigned you can work with them throughout the opportunity.

  • Euphoria

    Talking with the Emissary, you receive unprecedented, unpublished insights into the company, people, and the way decisions are made.


Michael Vaccarino

Company: Chartbeat

Michael uses Emissary at every stage of the deal to learn about the culture of the company, make sure his proposals are customized for his audience and to get insights on what will hold up contracts.

How can marketing and ad tech companies sell directly to brands?

Be prepared for going brand direct by developing a process for selling directly to brands.

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